About Our company

At J.R. Jones Roofing our mission is to be Earth's most client focused construction corporation. It is our endeavor to create meaningful partnerships through an unyielding drive for excellence in service and utilizing forward vision to always protect the interests and assets of our clients, as if they were our own.

What WE Value

  • We are one. One Team. One Goal.
  • We stake our personal and professional reputations on the merit of our work.
  • We are obsessed with our customers.
  • We take ownership of our projects. The customer’s assets become our assets.
  • We are problem solvers. We provide effective solutions for our partners’ problems and actively search for continued ways to improve their assets.
  • We are an open book. We educate, teach, and share our knowledge with our customers.
  • We do not want to die, get injured, or even get hurt. We will always be safe and ensure others are safe.
  • We are innovators. We will keep moving forward with technology, education, and ideologies.
  • We are successful without lying, cheating, or under-performing.
  • We are industry experts with an unmatched resume, and its okay to admit it.
  • We will take risks and confront mistakes openly. We will recognize and repeat success aggressively.
  • We know that even at our worst, we are better than most.
World Headquarters


  • Earl William Thomas, President
  • Tommy Thomas, Executive Vice President
  • Danny Kirkpatrick, Vice President, Sales

Unparalleled HISTORY

J.R. Jones Roofing was established in 1983 by former president and owner, James Ronald Jones.  He founded the company in Houston, Texas knocking door to door to obtain residential re-roofing projects.  However, within the first year, after receiving his first commercial project, he realized where the company’s strengths lay.  By the end of 1983 J.R. Jones Roofing had evolved into strictly a commercial roofing contractor.

The late 1980s brought about more change, due to high demand from a growing loyal national client base, as J.R. Jones Roofing began travelling all across the continental United States performing work ranging from complex medical facilities, schools, hotels, entertainment, industrial and office buildings for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious corporations.

The expansion J.R. Jones Roofing experienced has not been limited to strictly geographical considerations, but extends into services and products.  The roster of services has matured beyond roofing, architectural sheet metal, and waterproofing to include the entire building envelope and negative side waterproofing.

However impressive the geographical range and exhaustive list of services may be, they are not the most important facets of J.R. Jones Roofing.  

The defining characteristic of J.R. Jones Roofing has, and will always be, the people.  We have been fortunate since 1983 to acquire and develop some of the brightest minds and natural leaders in the fields of estimating, project management, and superintendents, most of whom have been with the company 15, 20, 25 years, in most cases.  This kind of longevity is vital, especially since the work of J.R. Jones Roofing is overwhelmingly self performed.

J.R. Jones Roofing wants you to know the people behind our good name.  It’s the people known for quality, dependability, accountability, and candor that help us form our long standing partnerships.  These are strong relationships based around a basic ideological principle that moves us to always ask a simple question;

“What can we do for you?”