Preventive maintenance

... or Proactive Activity is maintenance performed regularly on your building envelope (which is your entire building exterior, including your roof) to prevent failures and water intrusion before they occur. Water intrusion can undermine the integrity of the building structure, disrupt business activity, and damage costly equipment that may be housed within the building.

A regular maintenance program, designed to prevent such water intrusion, is the most cost effective strategy to keeping your building water tight and, most importantly, your businesses and tenants running smoothly without costly interruptions.


Utilizing our CYA Management Interface a J.R. Jones Expert Roofing Diagnostician will perform thorough annual, quarterly, or monthly inspections depending on your specific needs to accurately determine the current quality of your roof and/or building exterior; isolating the potential issues that could damage the integrity of your building. This data is collected into a detailed Facility Assessment Report that will provide Action Items and Capital Expenditure Planning.


The highly skilled J.R. Jones Master Maintenance Professional will perform annual, quarterly, or monthly maintenance in order to remove debris from the roof left by other trades, probe seams, check flashings around penetrations, and wash the roof, as needed. These preventive measures, performed regularly, can increase the life span of your roofing system by an average of 15-20%. Additionally, it ensures that your roof fully adheres to the maintenance guidelines in your manufacturer's system warranty.


The J.R. Jones Service Division is ready for any of your requests at any time of the day. It is vital to repair punctures and damage to your membrane as quickly as possible so as to prevent water intrusion into the roofing system. Water intrusion can damage the existing membrane and/or insulation causing serious harm to the integrity of the system. The J.R. Jones Skilled Service Technicians are thoroughly trained in every type of roofing system and fully understand the forensic science behind leak detection to accurately detect and repair any problem your building envelope may encounter.